Gluten-free Solutions for Labeling Food Items

My last two children were only 15 months apart. At times, this made/makes life very interesting to say the least. This also created challenges as far as the gluten-free diet was concerned. Especially when they were very young. For example, at preschool I would always pack a gluten-free snack for my daughter. In my sons class, they would usually feed the kids a regular gluten snack such as Goldfish or crackers. Problem is, when my children would come home they would inadvertently drink from the wrong sippy cup. Of course for my son, this was not a big deal. For my daughter, this was a very big deal because she could get sick from cross-contamination. Quickly, I looked for a solution. I searched the internet for anything that would work and since neither of the little guys could read, typical labels were not the answer. Then, I found the nifty little product in the picture.

These little doo-dads are perfect for labeling bottles, sippy cups, water bottles and snack cups. They are stretchy, durable, washable, and removable. We have had ours for at least 4 years now and they are still going strong and show no wear and tear. I ordered all three of my children a set and each child got their very own color. Blue for my son, pink for one daughter and purple for the other. That way, the little guys in particular could simply look for their color band.

It is also great for sending to school. No more last minute labeling. The thing I liked best, is that I got to personalize them just the way I wanted. I was able to put my daughters name on one line and the bottom line reads, “No Gluten/Wheat.” Yes, I know that wheat is not the only thing that is gluten, however, I thought it is was better than just putting gluten. Most people have no clue what gluten is anyway, but most do know what wheat is. The company also has adhesive labels that incorporate a no gluten logo as well as various other allergy labels. The company is called Inch Bug.


About Gift of Gluten-Free

I am married to a wonderful husband and am the mother to three amazing children. I enjoy finding and creating new gluten-free family friendly recipes.
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